About the Principal

About the Principal

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Tina Masumi Edwards is Director and Principal of VisAssist® and is a Registered Migration Agent in Australia (MARN 0955139).

Bringing over 23 years Australian immigration industry experience to her consultancy, Tina provides clients with expert immigration advice and assistance in relation to all Australian visas, and other complex immigration matters, as well as applications for merits review.

Prior to establishing VisAssist®, Tina previously worked in the Tokyo office of the then Department of Immigration at the Australian Embassy, Japan, as Manager of the Migration and Temporary Entry Sections. During this time she conducted interviews with applicants and sponsors, assessed and decided applications across all visa streams and was responsible for the General Skilled Migration program in that office.

On return to Australia, Tina worked for the former Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) (now the Migration & Refugee Division of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal) in a number of capacities spanning a 10-year period, including as Executive Officer.

The advantage of knowledge gained over this time gives Tina a unique position to match her client’s expectations to the complex Australian immigration process step-by-step and prepare persuasive submissions, worded to give the best chance of a successful outcome.

Tina delivers comprehensive, timely and accurate immigration advice and assistance in both English and Japanese. She handles all matters personally from start to finish in a caring and compassionate manner and is dedicated to achieving positive outcomes for clients.

Amongst other qualifications, Tina holds a Masters in Migration Law & Practice with distinction and a Graduate Certificate in Ethics & Legal Studies. She is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia (MMIA number 5727).

About our business identity

The Ginkgo leaves of Tina’s Japanese Family Crest were chosen to represent the business identity of VisAssist®. Ginkgo trees symbolise a unique link between the histories of past life and hope for the future, as it is nature’s ultimate survivor.

Fossil records show us this tree was alive at the same time as dinosaurs but, unlike them, is with us today, a symbol of ultimate resilience and longevity, some known to live thousands of years. A notable example can be seen at the site of the Hiroshima atomic bomb, visibly scorched but thriving and is venerated as a living “bearer of hope” in the face of adversity.

Tina is privileged to be able to use this symbol alongside her name.

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