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Some people decide to apply independently for a visa or merits review. It is certainly possible to do so and you can find information to help you do this on the websites of the Department of Home Affairs (incorporating the functions of immigration and citizenship) and the Migration & Refugee Division of the Administration Appeals Tribunal (formerly the MRT-RRT). However, many find that engaging a registered migration agent is a worthwhile investment because Australian migration law is complex and subject to frequent change. Legislative amendments, new case law and a complex web of policy, procedures and local processes can make it difficult to select the best type of application, make that application in the correct way and, comply in a timely manner with requests for information and documents during the assessment process.

Even a well-prepared application accompanied by a convincing submission and relevant documentary evidence can result in an unfavourable decision and an expensive mistake if a single element is wrong.

VisAssist® will help you navigate the complex maze of immigration rules and give you best chance of success. Our skill lies in knowing what the requirements are under law and understanding where there is flexibility in policy. Contact us to find out how we make a difference to our clients and what we can do for you.

You can be confident that we will:

  • correctly make your application, so that it is not refused on a technicality before the substance of your claims are considered;
  • thoroughly research all legal, policy and procedural requirements;
  • write a persuasive submission for the decision-maker’s consideration;
  • prepare a ‘decision-ready’ application (to the extent possible) to facilitate the earliest possible decision;
  • communicate effectively on your behalf in relation to any invitations or requests for information or documents 
  • provide guidance on attending an interview or hearing to give oral evidence;
  • keep you informed of progress or any delays that are outside our control; and
  • notify you of the final decision.


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