• "When deciding to apply for a Partner visa I didn't know where to start. I found VisAssist online and contacted Tina. She immediately set up phone calls and sent emails with information we needed. Tina was so helpful and put our minds at ease about the process which every couple is nervous about. Tina couldn't have been more helpful with any questions we had and always replied promptly. I would recommend VisAssist to anyone else applying for their visa. 5* service had my visa granted with no problems after 24 months. VisAssist made the process ease and I will be forever grateful."

    Z. Carleton & A. Petty,

  • "We both want to thank you immensely for all your highly professional kind and understanding help, support and advice throughout our visa application. We final got a positive outcome the other day after an anxious wait after having two different other visas refused previously before engaging your assistance. Thank you again very much for making our dreams come true, changing our lives and allowing us to be together, we will absolutely be engaging your services again in the near future for the next step in our journey for permanent residency, it all means so much to us we truly believed we were in a hard position but you made it as easy and uncomplicated has it could be. We would whole heartedly recommend Tina to anyone who is looking for a professional that really loves the job they do, that really wants to help people and care about the outcome! "

    R. Ribu/B.Bayliss, Romania/Australia

  • "We were very happy with the services that Tina provided for our Australian Partner visa. Right from our first initial consultation - free of charge, unlike many other migration agents - we felt assured that Tina would be a great help in assisting us through the entire process, from preparation to lodgment. Along the way she was incredibly understanding of changes in our circumstances, and provided lots of helpful pointers about our options. Tina made a very convoluted, complex application process into an easy-to-understand step-by-step process for us, and saved us a whole lot of time and worry as a result. When we were first considering having a migration agent assist us in our visa application, we approached several other different agencies in and outside of Australia, but very soon it became clear that none of them offered the same amount of peace of mind and helpful guidance that Tina could. We believe it is largely thanks to Tina's excellent service that we received the best possible outcome for our application. For anyone looking to apply for visas in Australia - look no further than VisAssist!"

    A. Hiranuma & M. Hicks, Japan/Australia

  • "Tina has been amazing during the entire process of Partner Visa application and thanks to her exceptional knowledge and effort I was granted Provisional Visa without any issues. Throughout the process she was attentive of my needs and delivered it through. I am extremely happy with her services and highly recommend her."

    K. Angbo, Nepal

  • "We are an Australian-Japanese couple and we are so thankful to Tina for all her hard work and assistance. Applying for an Australian partner visa can be quite daunting. However, With Tina's guidance we were able to send in our application in under one month from starting it. Tina has a vast knowledge of what we needed and what things we could substitute if we didn't have the listed documents or evidence. The visa was granted only a short period after application, which was much sooner than we were expecting. I can only think that it was because there were no problems with our application that it was approved so soon. Again we can't thank Tina enough, and couldn't recommend her more highly to anyone wishing to apply for an Australian visa. We can't wait to start our new life in Australia! "

    A.Nishimae & K. Bettinotti, Japan/Australia

  • "Two words that sum up our experience with Tina is, "stress free". We found this to be paramount, as going through the visa process is daunting and stressful. We applied for the subclass 100 and subclass 309 visa offshore in Japan. Tina was always prompt in replying to our queries, she never rushed us, every aspect of the process was clear, she knew what she was doing and never missing a beat. We appreciate that Tina was in our corner from day one, she treats you like a friend and not just another application number. We can't recommend Tina and her services enough, truly worth it!"

    J & H Seeto, Australia/Japan

  • "Excellent service, Tina is always clear and happy to offer advice, no matter how many questions asked. Many thanks."

    R. Shepherd, United Kingdom

  • "From my first interaction with Tina, she was very professional and was able to clearly answer all my questions and concerns. She replied to all my emails with speed and professionalism and was able to put my mind at ease knowing everything was taken care of. I would recommend using her services for any migration matters."

    W. Chinyowa, Zimbabwe

  • "Tina provided me with a very professional service and help me get my skill assessment, state nomination and then visa granted. I still remembered that the first time I contacted her was nearly the end of 2017 and we were trying to go through 457 visa. She helped me communicated with my employer and explained everything clearly to us. Although I didn't go through that stream in the end due to the policy changes, she still came up with another stream for me and finally I got my 489 visa granted directly without any further document requirement. I'll highly recommend my friends contact her with any visa service or issues. She is very experience and professional immigration agent and wish her all the best for her business."

    M. Li, China

  • "VisAssist is a company which my wife & I can recommend with confidence. Our experience with Tina has been professional and friendly with a positive and very prompt outcome. Our Five Star (Google) rating says it all...."

    I & C West, Australia/Japan

  • "Once we made contact with Tina at VisAssist we received prompt and detailed responses that laid out the documents required, estimated time frames and costs. All questions where answered, resulting in a positive experience with a positive outcome."

    S. Murdoch, Australia

  • "We cannot thank Tina enough for the incredible job she has done for us. My fiance (in Australia) and I (U.S.A.), began the first stages of our visa application for me to live in Australia thinking we could do it on our own, but soon found ourselves afraid of making mistakes with no way of knowing if we were doing things correctly, or even if we're applying for the right visa. When Tina took over our case, she explained to us the importance of taking correct steps carefully, and under her guidance we gained a very good understanding of the visa process. Our case was a bit special in that I had previously had an overstay in Australia of 4 years and did not even know what it meant for me, or even how to address it. With Tina's guidance, we were able to provide all of the information needed for her to complete the very best application on our behalf. We learned that we had a lot of waiting to do during the application process as these things take time, but Tina would always make time for us when we needed her. Tina is warm, easy to talk to and very understanding, but is also extremely professional, and her powerful knowledge and experience is second to none. This comes through in the service Tina provides. At all times we knew, despite the waiting times, that we had the strongest, most correct application possible. The day finally came when I was granted my visa and I was allowed to come back home to my fiance and Australia and continue the rest of my life. Tina got to share in our elation, understanding the full gravity of our situation. Although at times I cannot find enough words to describe the amazing work that Tina has done for us, I am proud to say that her service speaks for itself."

    L. Cummings, United States of America

  • "My Fiancé and I engaged Tina for a Prospective Marriage (subclass 300) visa and found her to be very professional and compassionate. Without Tina's services I do not have the confidence we would have got the outcome we did. Tina kept us updated regularly and provided sound advice to us during the whole process. I would also like to say thank you so much Tina for all you have done for Sotonye and I, we will be forever grateful to you. We would highly recommend Tina's services."

    S.Ogolo / L.Orcher, Nigeria/Australia

  • "Tina has been a great help. She is knowledgeable, precise and more importantly understands the frustration you are going through ! ( well we all know this process is no fun) I do recommend her service and help. "

    Mahdi, Japan

  • "Tina's advice was excellent, clear and thorough. I found Tina to be both proactive and responsive, always willing to answer any questions and assist wherever possible. I would absolutely recommend Tina's services to anyone looking for visa assistance."

    M. Burrage, UK

  • "'On time, professional, understanding and committed to helping.'' ''To those looking for a visa agent, in our opinion, look no further.'' Firstly; thank you Tina for helping us with Mai's partner visa, uniting Australia and Japan so we can continue happily living together in Australia. When we started the journey to go through the partner visa (820/801) process we quickly relalised we needed someone to guide us through it. We were very lucky to find Tina Edwards Visassist on a migration agent website, Tina is someone who has some impressive experience in migration and suited our needs. Assisting and us in putting forward evidence, answering all our questions, keeping us updated via email on our progress and also organising an outside Australia travel B visa for Mai so we could see family. All while being kind and accommodating. Thanks again Tina Mai & Steven"

    Mai & Steven, Japan/Australia

  • "Tina is the most knowledgeable, helpful, responsive and attentive agents I have ever met, and her service has exceeded my expectation. Whenever I ask her questions via texts, calls or e-mail, she will always respond and clarify my doubts patiently. We have built a strong client-agent relationship and I know that my visa application is handled by professional capable hands. My partner and I are really thankful for her help with my visa application. I would highly recommend VisAssist to anyone looking for an immigration agent. "

    E. Sutanawi, Indonesia


    Hi Tina

    First of all we are sorry that we are a bit late in giving this testimonial the reason being was our case was so difficult we were not very sure about the outcome of the case so we didn't prepare much in advance to settle in quickly so it took a while for me and Cathleen to settle in so we were bit busy I am writing this testimonial to declare that anyone who needs Australian visa should contact Tina Edwards the reason being our case was so difficulty and we tried many other agents before we contacted Tina. Before putting partner visa application when Cathleen was in Australia and I was in India I tried getting tourist visa through other agents and my application was knocked back twice so me and Cathleen were very worried about how the things are going to work. Then Cathleen contacted you and I got visa so smooth that we are still not able to believe that it has happened and we know that it happened because of your many years of experience, vast knowledge of visa related laws and hard work.We are not able to express in words how appreciative we are for your efforts."

    Ash & Cath, India & Australia

  • "Outstanding quality professional service

    I came across VisAssist through the Migration Institute of Australia search function. After my first contact with her Director and Principal, Tina Edwards, I instantly knew I was in front of an outstanding professional.

    My partner and I had quite a tricky case and a lot of work was needed in order to obtain the visa. Tina Edwards was exceptional, we could not have asked for a quicker and more accurate migration advice and service than what we received with VisAssist.

    Tina dealt with our difficult visa application with professionalism that could never be questioned. She was extremely helpful from beginning to end, replying to all our emails and queries with her in-depth knowledge, quickly and astutely. Tina was always timely, accessible, meticulous and professional. No questions were never too many for her to answer, working round the clock to ensure the best service. Tina kept us up to date step by step, always going that extra mile to keep us informed, always honest, always accurate.

    I would certainly never hesitate to recommend the services of VisAssist to anyone looking into visas for Australia. VisAssist Director and Principal’s experience, professionalism and personal touch make its service first class. A massive thank you to Tina Edwards, you were amazing! "

    N.Gonzalez, Spain

  • "My wife and I worked solely with Tina Edwards and she exemplified professionalism to the fullest extent. Quickly responding to our questions while walking us through each step made the pursuit of AUS Permanent Residency very smooth. Her email correspondence was extremely clear and enabled easy work for us. I will be seeking her expertise when obtaining AUS Citizenship as well. Thanks Tina!"

    B. Grening, United States of America

  • "Dear Tina, Thank you very much for all your hard work over the last 1 year. I was lucky enough that I have got an introduced about you from someone reliable. Actually, me and my partner have asked about our possibility regarding to apply this case before to the other agent. However, her answer was not so positive one, and also she had never experienced that she had actually applied with this case before. We knew that our subclass that was hoping to apply would be quite uncommon visa to apply with high risks, so we were almost gave up to try with this long time ago. But we have got an introduced you then we have tried to asked you about our visa again. And your answer was possible one even such a difficult and risky case. We are really appreciated your detailed and quality services which you have done for us. You are an experienced professional with great personality. Therefore we would highly recommended Tina if someone seeking trustworthy and quality services from anywhere in Australia. I had been dreamed about to gain a permanent residency since over the last 8 years and now actually happened by Tina's exceptional support. It means a lot for me and my partner! This would not have had happened without her help for sure. Again, Thank you so much Tina. You have changed our life!! "

    T. Nakamura & H. Suwa, Japan

  • "Sorry for the slow response, We have been very busy celebrating. Thank you so much for the support!! This is great, life-changing news for me and my wife and the whole family. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, for the immense support and guidance you gave throughout last few months. My wife and I are so overjoyed and I make it very clear that this would not have been possible without your extremely professional work in the entire process to the successful outcome we have received. I applied for Australian visa many times before to be reunited with my wife, I was refused on several occasions and visa approval became impossible. My case was very complicated, I contacted so many agents in my home country and after hearing all the situation, no one was willing to take the case. Lucky enough that you were recommended to me by our family member who was 100% sure of your expertise and professionalism. Last week I got my PR and now I will be able to live with my wife after 6 years of our marriage. Me and my wife thank you so much for your great efforts, your humanity and patience. I would recommend you to anyone who is searching for a good immigration assistance. Thank you very much again and I'll visit your office when I arrive to Australia. "

    M. Singh, India

  • "Thinking I could do it myself, 3 years ago I decided to apply for a PR visa myself. How wrong was I! The process is so detail oriented, so meticulous, that you really need a professional to help you. I got my visa rejected from the Department of Immigration, and that's after putting a lot of hours in myself. As far as professionals go, we interviewed 3 people. They had lots of knowledge but you always had to go through their "assistant" first to speak to them. We felt this "assistant" was really there as blocker or screener, to tell you the consultant you really want to speak with was busy. I work in sales, and know how this game is played. Once they get your money, they'll speak to you on their terms. Worst even, these guys work Mon-Fri, so we felt we were going to be left out on the cold with our case, and have a lot of questions unanswered. We chose Tina in the end, and are soooo glad we did. Tina really is something else. She is beyond a professional.There are no "assistants" as you speak directly to her! On weekdays, after hours even, and even has replied to us during weekends! As far as knowledge, Tina used to work on the other side of approving visas...she knows her stuff!! She immediately acts on your behalf, and helped us write letters to the Department that really we should have written ourselves! Not only did we get our PR visa from a rejected status to an approval, Tina also helped us get Australian citizenship for our new baby as well. I couldn't recommend her enough for anyone wanting a super smooth, non-stressful way to get your visas handled in the most professional and communicative way possible. If you want someone on your side, thoroughly manage your visa process, use Tina, and I'll guarantee you'll thank me later. :-)"

    J. Taylor Fermin & M. Ito, Australia - Japan

  • "I had experiences with visa agents in different countries and also in Australia. The service that Tina Edwards of VisAssist has provided throughout the time and the length of the whole process was excellent. Excellent in quality, clarity, speed and customer service. Although the exercise of applying for a Visa is a duo exercise, the client providing necessary documents and the agent requesting the documents, suggesting alternative ones, correcting them and make sure to provide the final draft, there is no doubt in my mind that without Tina it would have been a lot more complicated and not so greatly argumented. Therefore to recommend VisAssist is a favor to any future client before than a favor to VisAssist. "

    G. Frascaroli, Italy

  • "It was a rescue. My two failed attempts (to secure a Visitor (Business) visa to Australia for 7 days to attend a scientific meeting) had almost broken me down, and I had lost the hope as less than a month remained before my meeting started. In the meantime, I got across Ms Tina Edwards from Visassist, who had a prior experience of working in a responsibility of decision making upon applications for visa to Australia. When I showed her my case, she immediately knew and told me, the visa should have been granted. And, despite the fact that I didn't have any more document in addition to previous application, Visassist was willing to take my case and give one more try, and she had a high level of confidence about what she told. As dreaded, the application was rejected again, then in light of their up-to-date knowledge related to immigration laws, professionalism and experience, they were able to point out that an error was made by the decision maker (counsellor may be). Then Ms. Tina from Visassist contacted the authority and brought the case into notice of proper person. As a result, a decision to grant visa was made very next day the visa was refused. It felt nice to know that I was taken care of by professionals, and I could attend the conference in Australia."

    G. Sharma, Nepal

  • "I would like to say many thanks to Tina Edwards for assisting me on my visa for Australia, with her work I can now visit my Aunt and her wonderful family who are living in Sydney. Also this will be my best travel that I have made yet. I will spend Christmas with my Aunt and her family and it will be the one of the best and hottest Christmas ever."

    B. Gashi, Kosovo

  • "I am delighted with the outcome! Thank you for helping me get my permanent residence visa even though there were some problems with documents which you managed to sort out for me. I am so happy, thank you Tina."

    H. Van, Thailand

  • "My partner was applying for a de facto visa for Australia which in itself is a massive, long and tedious process. We had a few circumstances that made our case complex and had we not had the expertise and experience of Tina at VisAssist I believe we would not have had the successful outcome we achieved. Our whole experience with VisAssist from start to end was nothing short of amazing. They went above and beyond what was included with the service especially when our case turned out to be quite complex. Would gladly recommend VisAssist to anyone. "

    S. Nicholson, Australia

  • "I just want to say huge thanks to Tina my registered migration agent for looking after me throughout the most stressful time of my life. Tina was always confident, professional and very supportive. She is very dedicated to her work. I approached her at the last minute but she handled the situation so well, she took all my stress away. She also keeps me up to date with any changes that might affect me in the future. I truly appreciate her continuous support. I wouldn't be here without the help of Tina and I highly recommend her to anyone who needs help applying for an Australian visa. Thanks again Tina!"

    E. Yamashita, Japan

  • "I am very satisfied with the services provided by VisAssist. Tina Masumi Edwards is a very professional registered migration agent. She's always been quick to return my calls or emails with the answers to my questions. Thank you so much for everything you've done. It's really great that I can just turn over everything to you and not worry about it. I'm really pleased with everything you've done for me. Thank you and good luck in the future."

    E. Imeri, Albania

  • "I honestly believe I would not be in Australia right now if you did not help me with my visa application. Thank you Tina for never giving up on me and believing we could get a positive outcome."

    M. Chowdhury, India

  • "My experience with VisAssist was very personal and individual. From the very start they made me feel comfortable and treated me with such respect and showed such professionalism. My case was quite complex and not only did they make the process on my end seem much easier but they went beyond what they said they would do for me and provided me with a favourable outcome in the end. I would not hesitate in recommending them. "

    M. Urbaniak, Poland

  • "I just wanted to say thanks for the brilliant services received by the most experienced and professional immigration advisor Tina Edwards. She has gone beyond her limits to get my husband's partner visa to Australia. She has been so helpful, friendly and cooperative through out the procedure. Me and my husband are both grateful to her for getting the visa to Australia. She has very vast knowledge of the Immigration laws. She has been with us all the time to fight the battle with the Australian Immigration. Tina Edwards is the best and I recommend her to everyone who needs help with their Immigration applications. My husband wouldn't be here with me in Australia if you haven't tried everything you could do to get him here. Hats off to you for your superb services with so reasonable fee that everyone could afford. "

    J. Kaur, New Zealand

  • "Thank you for your email. I am elated at hearing the great news! I am really surprised we got the Visa so quickly, it is indeed a wonderful surprise. Likewise it was truly a pleasure having met you as well. Thanks so very much Tina for taking effort in helping us out, much appreciated."

    A. Jean Louis, Malaysia