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Visas for Australia

A visa for Australia is the permission that is granted to a person under the Migration Act 1958 in accordance with the Migration Regulations 1994 and other applicable legislative requirements (such as legislative instruments) to travel to, enter and/or stay in Australia. All people, other than Australian citizens, require a visa for Australia.

It is not necessary to show physical evidence of holding a visa, in the form of a visa label, as the permission granted to a visa holder is contained in Australia’s electronic immigration records. If you wish to have a visa label placed in your passport you can choose to do so but in most cases a separate charge is payable to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (the Department). This is known as a Visa Evidence Charge (VEC) and is currently AUD $70.

Selecting the best visa for Australia

There are well in excess of 100 visa categories each with different requirements, some of which need to be satisfied at the time of application and others which need to be satisfied at the time of decision. A Visa Application Charge is payable for most visas and the charge is not refundable if you make the wrong application. It is important to apply for the appropriate visa and put forward the best possible case and supporting documents to the Department when you apply. The Department’s online Visa Wizard can help you choose an appropriate visa however not every visa is covered by the Wizard so immigration advice from a registered migration agent is the best way to obtain comprehensive and accurate advice in relation to your individual circumstances. Applying for the wrong visa or making an incomplete application can result in a costly and time-consuming mistake.

The Principal of VisAssist® is a registered migration agent with over 15 years Australian government immigration portfolio experience and provides personalised immigration advice and assistance to clients to maximise the chance of a successful outcome. Contact us for advice on the best visa for Australia and to find out how we can help you.

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